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Akash Ganga Courier Limited has been giving services to its clients by carrying Documents / Parcels for delivery to the various destinations under the following Terms & Conditions:

1. In case of lost , theft, damage, Mishandling and / or misused of booked consignment the maximum liability of the company / franchisee shall not exceed to the sum equivalent to four times of Courier charges in any case.

2. The Currency, bearer cheques, handles, rukka, bearer bilty stock & investment certificates, lottery tickets, postal articles and / or similar other documents, gold, Silver, Jewellary, precious stones, liquid, semiliquid, perishable/fragile goods, narcotics and/ or any other item which are prohibited and /or restricted by statuary law and acts are not accepted and no claim shall be entertained for such articles.

3. Sender must indicate the actual and correct nature of goods.

4. No Complaint / claim shall be entertained by the company/franchisee after the expiry of 30 days of the booking of consignment.

5. In case of valuable parcel consignor should declare the value and pay the guarantee charged @2% separate receipt of the charges will be issued by company/ franchisee otherwise no claim will be considered.

6. Akash Ganga Courier Limited do not deliver the documents to a P.O.Box address. Documents / Parcels booked by The Service Seeker are delivered to the consignee / person who accepts on their behalf, at the given address, is deemed to be delivered to the consignee and the acknowledgment is obtained. Once the consignee receives the document / parcel and signs on the Proof of Delivery ( P.O.D. ), it is assumed that the consignee has received the document / parcel intact, after that, any claim will be treated void.

7. The document undelivered on account of the consignee being absent or the premises being closed, an intimation in the prescribed form will be left there requesting the consignee to collect the document, on second consecutive day Akash Ganga Courier Limited will make one more attempt for delivery, failing which the article will be returned to The Service Seeker.

8. The terms and conditions continued here above will be subject to change from time to time based on need by Akash Ganga Courier Limited and Akash Ganga Courier Limited reserves the right to change, amend or cancel, any of the clauses.

9. All disputes are subject to Loonkaransar (Raj.) jurisdiction.