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Akash Ganga Courier Limited has been giving services to its clients by carrying Documents / Parcels for delivery to the various destinations under the following Privacy Policy:

Next working day delivery procedure. The delivery timing between 10.00 a.m to 06.00 p.m. ( Except Special Delivery ). Incase where Akash Ganga could not do so due to the reasons as door closed / person not available, Akash Ganga Courier Limited will make a second attempt on the next working day. No Service will be provide to the Consignor on Holiday declared by the management of Akash Ganga Courier Limited.

Acknowledgement slip of individual document will be received by The Service Seeker within three working days after the date of delivery.

Akash Ganga Courier Limited do not deliver the documents to a P.O.Box address. Documents / Parcels booked by The Service Seeker are delivered to the consignee / person who accepts on their behalf, at the given address, is deemed to be delivered to the consignee and the acknowledgment is obtained. Once the consignee receives the document / parcel and signs on the Proof of Delivery ( P.O.D. ), it is assumed that the consignee has received the document / parcel intact, after that, any claim will be treated void.

Akash Ganga Courier Limited may avail any type of transportation for smooth and quicker delivery. Akash Ganga Courier Limited will not be in a position to 'hold' or return documents in transit for any reason, for the explicit purposs of resolving any dispute between The Service Seeker and their customers.

The document undelivered on account of the consignee being absent or the premises being closed, an intimation in the prescribed form will be left there requesting the consignee to collect the document, on second consecutive day Akash Ganga Courier Limited will make one more attempt for delivery, failing which the article will be returned to The Service Seeker.

Monthly contract basis, one pick-up daily. In case of additional pick-up, The Service Seeker will depute representative at Akash Ganga Courier Limited service centre with the documents. In case of bulk quantity the documents must reach Akash Ganga Courier Limited service center by 12.00 noon, So that the next working delivery schedule is assured. Incase a load of 200 documents and above are given at one time then Cheque payment for the entire load will have to be made at the time of pick-up.

The terms and conditions continued here above will be subject to change from time to time based on need and on any new service being offered by Akash Ganga Courier Limited reserves the right to change, amend or cancel, any of the clauses.